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About Me

My Introduction:

Welcome to my Website!

My name is Steve and I am an experienced professional freelance nude art model, portrait model, costume model and nude performance model.

I am a 59 year old male, 5'6" tall, 190 pounds with an athletic build who has always been intrigued by the mystique of the artists model.

Being the focus of an artists expression as a nude art model allows me the freedom to explore and express my creativity and is a unique, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

And caring about an artists results and celebrating their successes is very important to me.

As I am mentally and physically confident and comfortable within myself and my body image, modeling nude for a small or large group of artists is perfectly natural for me.

I have modeled for groups as small as 1 and as large as 80.

My Objective:

To be a successful nude art model in an educational or private setting or within a workshop for sketchers, painters, sculptors or photographers.

To work with sincere, dedicated and ethical artists inspiring them in their quest to produce interesting, engaging and beautiful works of art by providing them with creative, dynamic and artistic poses in an expressive and energetic style.

My Skills:

Personable, friendly and outgoing nature

Confident, positive and professional attitude

Enthusiastic and good sense of humour

Dedicated, respectful and courteous

Ability to pose with or without an instructors direction or guidance

Ability to assume a variety of creative, dynamic and artistic 

long (3 hour) and short (30 second) poses

High level of ​concentration and focus

Ability to sit or stand still for long periods of time

Comfortable modeling nude in front of small or large groups of artists

Reliable, punctual and prepared!

I am based in Mississauga.

I am available weekdays from 8am to 10pm and weekends from 10am to 9pm.

I also work on an on-call basis, including last minute cancellation fill-ins.

Travel within the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario is not an issue. 

I routinely travel north to Barrie, south to St. Catharines, east to Peterborough and west to Waterloo.

I also travel frequently in and around Toronto, 

Learn More About My Services

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(416) 821-7814

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